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    Posted: 06/27/2014

    With the looming bankruptcy of the Federal Highway Trust Fund within weeks and the long-range surface transportation bill expiring on September 30th, a key Senate Committee this week is considering another temporary fix to the trust fund for the next six months.

    But Congress still must find a long-term solution to save our nation’s transportation woes.

    We are proud to let you know that one of your Senators has proposed a bi-partisan proposal to save the trust fund over the long term.  Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Bob Corker (R-TN) have proposed a modest 12 cent increase in the gas tax over two years. It will be the first increase in 20 years – since 1993.

    Please send a message of support to Senator Murphy, and ask your other Senator, Senator Blumenthal, to join him in supporting this proposal.

    Without new money to save the highway trust fund from insolvency, federal participation in projects across Connecticut would stop as soon as August.

    Some in the Senate are still talking about taking the easy way out and settling for a temporary bailout, rather than face our crumbling transportation systems head-on.

    Over the past five years, Congress has diverted $50 billion from general revenues to temporarily bail out the Highway Trust Fund. Meanwhile, the need for transportation investments continues to mount as our infrastructure ages. 

    Most members of Congress have been afraid to even mention the possibility of raising the gas tax, but as Senator Murphy said, Congress’ options are borrowing more money from China, or shutting down much needed transportation systems.  We couldn’t agree more – the gas tax is the best solution.

    Senator Murphy deserves great credit for his leadership and courage to propose a real fix to the transportation funding crisis. Send him a message, or perhaps even make a quick phone call – to thank him and tell him that safe roads and bridges, better transit, and speedier commutes are things worth paying for.

    Thank you for all of your support,


    Don Shubert
    Connecticut Construction Industries Association

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