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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 12-16-2011

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has published Information for Contractors and Vendors, which includes links to contracts, grants, small business opportunities, research and development, contacts, and doing business with the agency. Contractors interested in performing debris removal, distribution of supplies, reconstruction and other disaster or emergency relief activities are requested to register in the Central Contractor Registration. All contractors are required to be registered in the CCR prior to receiving any contract award from FEMA.

    Congress would be required to approve all major federal regulations with an effect of $100 million or more, under H.R. 10, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, passed last week by the U.S. House on a largely party-line vote. Republicans argued that business owners continue to tell them that regulatory uncertainty is a significant hurdle to job creation, while Democrats, in the minority, said the bill is a waste of time given the jobs crisis that the U.S. is facing.

    Connecticut ranks 22nd among the 50 states, according to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street, an Internet financial news and opinion operation. States were ranked based on financial health, standard of living, and government services to determine how well each state is managed.

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