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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 9-6-2012

    Contractors need to plan for the risks that may arise on a construction project, according to “Dangerous Intersections: Where Environmental and Construction Law Collide on Construction Projects”, in the Aug. 2012 AGC Constructor magazine. These risks can include: onsite water features, compliance with stormwater runoff regulations, preexisting site contamination, and emergency spills and releases. Ultimately, the contractor should be focused on the environmental risks that arise out of the construction activities and occurring during the work on the project, as well as the claims arising out of the completed operations after the project is done. Claims that can arise on the project include: Water quality, storm water permitting, wetlands regulation, and hazardous materials.

    Light utility/work trucks and trailers were the most frequently stolen construction equipment in 2011, at 36%, according to the 2011 LoJack Construction Equipment Theft Report. They were followed by backhoe loaders/skip loaders/wheel loaders/track loaders at 26%, and then skid steers at 14%, according to the report, which is based on state theft statistics and equipment recoveries documented by the provider of tracking and recovery systems in 21 states from January to December 2011. Because jobsites are often left unsecured at night or over the weekend, according to the study, they become easy targets especially for professional thieves. The company advises how to protect equipment and businesses from the costly problem of theft: keep good records, secure your site, and use theft deterrents and proven recovery systems.

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