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    Day Five, OSHA Fall Prevention Stand Down Week

    To All CCIA Members:

    Today is Day Five of OSHA’s Fall Protection Stand Down Week to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. This is the final day of five daily reminders to encourage your participation in this week’s Fall Protection Stand Down by training workers in Fall Protection.

    To those of you who have already conducted a Stand Down training event, we thank you for your efforts and your commitment to a safe workplace. Please be sure to report the number of workers trained on the CCIA website at this link.

    On behalf the CCIA Safety Committee, I want to remind you that Fall Protection safety awareness is not confined to just one week out of the year – it’s full-time commitment! This week hopefully has created the momentum for construction companies to pay full-time attention to protecting workers from fall hazards. So let’s keep it up not only for now, but for the future as well.

    Also, OSHA officials have informed the CCIA Safety Committee that they will accept inclusion of numbers of trained workers on Fall Protection beyond this week. So if you have not an opportunity to participate in the Fall Protection Stand Down this week, but would like to do so in the next few weeks, please feel free to submit your numbers of workers trained on either the OSHA or CCIA website beyond this week. We will keep open that page on the CCIA website until July 4.

    As a Wrap-Up to this week, I’d like to provide a recap of all the resources we have provided to help you conduct the necessary training in Fall Protection.

    Day One: Creating a Lesson Plan On Fall Protection

    • The first resource is OSHA’s Fall Prevention Training Guide: A Lesson Plan for Employers. This training guide will help you plan how to prevent injuries and fatalities from falls among your employees, and provide training to your workers. It includes instructions for using the Toolbox Talks to train workers in fall protection, and a series of Toolbox Talks about various fall protection topics. You may access this publication at this link.
    • The second resource is the attached Power Point Presentation on Fall Protection created by the OSHA Alliance Program Construction Roundtable for anyone to use. It is a handy and informative presentation with pictures and a suggested narrative for each slide.

    Day Two: Roofing Safety

    • The first resource is a Video on Roofing Safety produced by the Washington State Department of Labor. It is provided here at this link.
    • The second set of resources contains a series of five OSHA Fact Sheets on Roofing Safety During Residential Construction. Although most of our CCIA members are non-residential commercial builders in general, this residential construction-focused material may apply in non-residential situations as well. Good Fall Protection safety practices shouldn’t differentiate between residential and non-residential construction.
    • Fall Protection: Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Re-Roofing Fact Sheet
      (OSHA FS-3503 - 2012) (English: HTML PDF)
      (OSHA FS-3579 - 2013) (Spanish: PDF)

    • Fall Protection: Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Installing Roof Trusses Fact Sheet
      (OSHA FS-3477 - 2011) (English: HTML PDF)
      (OSHA FS-3574 - 2013) (Spanish: PDF)

    • Fall Protection: Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Installing Tile Roofs Fact Sheet
      (OSHA FS-3478 - 2011) (English: HTML PDF)
      (OSHA FS-3575 - 2013) (Spanish: PDF)

    • Fall Protection: Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Roof Repair Fact Sheet
      (OSHA FS-3479 - 2011) (English: HTML PDF)
      (OSHA FS-3576 - 2013) (Spanish: PDF)

    • Fall Protection: Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Roof Sheathing Fact Sheet
      (OSHA FS-3501 - 2012) (English: HTML PDF)
      (OSHA FS-3577 - 2013) (Spanish: PDF)

    Day Three: Scaffolding Safety

    • The first resource is a Scaffolding Safety eTool available at this link on the OSHA website. This eTool provides illustrated safety checklists for specific types of scaffolds. It identifies hazards, as well as the controls that keep those hazards from becoming tragedies. 
    • The second resource is this You Tube link containing OSHA’s Falls in Construction/Fixed Scaffolding video.
    • A third resource is the following series of two OSHA Fact Sheets on Scaffolding.
    • Scaffolding
      (OSHA 3150 - 2002) (English: HTML PDF)
    • Scaffolding: Narrow Frame Scaffolds Fact Sheet
      (OSHA 3722 – 2014) (English: PDF)

    Day Four: Ladder Safety

    • Falling Off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely - Booklet
      [1.3 MB PDF* | EPUB* | MOBI*, 16 pages]
    • Safe Use of Extension Ladders - Fact Sheet (English) [554 KB PDF*, 3 pages]
    • Safe Use of Job-made Wooden Ladders - Fact Sheet (English) [656 KB PDF*, 2 pages]
    • Safe Use of Stepladders - Fact Sheet (English) [515 KB PDF*, 2 pages]
    • NIOSH Ladder safety phone app - English and Spanish

    Thank you again for your participation and commitment to construction safety.