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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 12-23-2011

    The mandatory paid sick leave law is effective Jan. 1, 2012. Public Act 11-52 requires most employers of 50 or more people in the state to provide hourly service employees who work one of 68 federal Standard Occupational Classification System titles to accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. The state Department of Labor has posted helpful information and guidance to assist employers and the general public in understanding and complying with the new law.

    Transportation infrastructure would be authorized a one-time $10 billion appropriation to capitalize an existing U.S. DOT program that helps states provide loans, loan guarantees, and other forms of non-grant assistance to leverage private dollars, and states would be required to use the funds for state infrastructure banks under the Collins-McCaskill Bipartisan Jobs Creation Act. The bill would also provide an additional $25 billion in funding for highway and bridge core formula programs, which would supplement the approximately $40 billion appropriated under the current Surface Transportation authorization in fiscal year 2012 for similar transportation programs.

    OSHA’s On-site Consultation Program provides small business workplaces with free, confidential advice and assistance in identifying and correcting workplace safety and health hazards, as well as guidance on improving injury and illness prevention programs. The services are separate from enforcement and do not result in penalties or citations. Consultants from state agencies or universities work with employers to identify workplace hazards, provide advice on compliance with OSHA standards, and assist in establishing safety and health management systems. In FY 2011, 28% of on-site consultation visits were conducted at construction companies, according to the agency.

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