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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 3-19-2012

    Qualified professionals would be able to certify, for general permits issued by the DEEP Commissioner for stormwater discharges, the activity or project covered by the certification, including plans or other documents or the design, installation, and functioning of wastewater collection and treatment systems, and monitoring or other equipment under House Bill 5344 before the Commerce Committee.

    Municipalities would be prohibited from enforcing local building codes or construction standards other than those found in the State Building Code in order to ensure state-wide consistency in construction standards under Senate Bill 102 before the Planning and Development Committee.

    A Modernizing Recycling Working Group that would analyze and make recommendations on how the state can modernize its approach to recycling, reduce waste through improved materials management and policies, lower costs for municipalities and consumers, and ensure that Connecticut has a comprehensive plan for solid waste disposal that considers environmental impacts on host communities and the state as a whole, was established by the Governor.

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