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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 5-31-2012

    Businesses once ranked as medium-sized are now considered small under definitions changed by the Small Business Administration, according to the Wall Street Journal. The agency has redefined small architectural firms as those with less than $7 million in revenue, from $4.5 million. Because of the revisions, many companies formerly listed as “other than small” are now “small” businesses. Some believe it will eliminate smaller firms trying to get government work.

    Jobsite runoff from rinsing concrete mixer chutes is getting more attention and officials in various states are looking at restricting the practice, according to “Jobsite Runoff: Is Change Coming?”, Concrete inFocus, Spring 2012, a publication of NRMCA. The Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection’s proposed Construction Stormwater General Permit would require concrete washouts.

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