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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 6-22-2012

    A new capital road fund, to be financed by a 0.39-mill levy, starting July 1, 2012, would appear on tax bills mailed to taxpayers in the town of Wethersfield to explain how much the town generates in road repair funds each year, according to the Hartford Courant. It is not a new tax but a separate, dedicated account approved by the town council to set aside about $800,000 each year for road repairs.

    Nearly three-quarters of the transmission line outages during the October 2011 snowstorm occurred when healthy trees, most located outside of utility rights-of-way, fell onto the lines uprooted by the weight of the snow compounded by the soft, wet ground, according to a report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. “Transmission Facility Outages During the Northeast Snowstorm of October 29, 2011” offers several recommendations to help reduce the adverse impacts of future weather events on the transmission system, including: Where appropriate, take targeted steps to address off-right-of-way danger trees; employ best practices in managing vegetation on full rights-of-way; lay the foundation for effective vegetation management when establishing new rights-of-way; and enhance storm preparedness and response plans as needed.

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