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    Construction NewsBRIEFS! 6-29-2012

    The job expansion tax credit would be extended by Public Act 12-1 of the June Special Session to employers hiring people receiving services from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services or participating in DSS-funded or -operated programs providing employment opportunities and day services. An employer qualifies for the credit if these new hires work at least 20 hours per week for at least 48 weeks in a calendar year.

    New energy-efficiency requirements were added to California’s state building code, which may reduce energy consumption but add to the cost of construction of commercial buildings in the state, according to The Wall Street Journal. The California Energy Commission said the changes will make commercial buildings up to 30% more energy-efficient. New office buildings will be required to incorporate features that admit more natural light, reducing lighting and air-conditioning use. The new standards apply to major building retrofits, as well as new construction, but they do not require changes in other existing buildings. Even consumers outside California could be affected, because changes in California's building code often influence the International Energy Conservation Code, which other states adopt.

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