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    AGC/CCIA Building Contractors Labor Relations

    Membership is composed of AGC of CT members who authorize this Division to represent them in labor negotiations with specified construction labor unions.

    The Advantages

    • Active participation in the negotiation and/or the ratification of all newly negotiated collective bargaining agreements.
    • Represented in labor negotiations by the CCIA labor relations professionals.
    • Assistance in the resolution of jurisdictional disputes between any of the specified construction labor unions.
    • Counsel and interpretation of language of the collective bargaining agreements with those trades with which we negotiate.
    • Representation by the CCIA labor relations professionals in grievance, disputes and arbitrations with the unions with which we have agreements
    • Access to construction labor leaders in the state and regionally for discussions of mutual interest throughout the terms of collective bargaining agreements.
    • Advocacy by the Division in public forums for Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) with public owners and other initiatives to the benefit of signatory contractors.
    • Legal interpretation of state and federal statutes concerning employee matters, representation in administrative proceedings in labor relations matters where appropriate, and referrals to and recommendations of private counsel when required.
    • Labor relations professionals serve as trustees on and recommend contractor selections to jointly administered Taft – Hartley benefit fund trusts for the unions with which we have collective bargaining agreements.
    • Advocate legislative and regulatory change at the state level to improve the regulatory climate to the benefit of signatory contractors.
    • Labor relations professionals maintain relationships with other regional labor professionals in the construction industry who negotiate with the same unions that the Division is signatory with.
    • Labor Members have member only internet and hard copy access to the following documents: